Your business data and employees, connected

Based on a data-first platform, Unbase helps companies of all sizes make their employees more productive by giving them the tools they need to succeed. No matter whether that's collecting information from colleagues, generating live documents from changing data, or examining your monthly progress, Unbase is redefining work by removing as much of it as possible.

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Our story

We believe in a world where people come first. Where technology doesn't get in the way of aspirations. Where technology frees, enables, and inspires. Unhampered, we believe people have the ability to be more creative, solve the hardest problems, and be more content and aligned with their priorities in life.

In a small way, we created Unbase to help accomplish these things.

We drew from our own experience in life. We started as a couple cogs in business that spent a lot of time doing things that we knew were automatable. Things that took days and weeks, that we knew using technology, could be done in a matter of minutes. We set out to make a solution for one of those problems: making pitch decks and proposals automatically from data.

While this was useful for us, we realized it wasn't useful for everyone. Every business stores their data differently, containing different data, in different places, and there was little uniformity. Moving the data consistently alone was a monumental task. There was no reliable way to move data between systems with up-to-the-minute accuracy. At best, it would be delayed by hours. At worst, it wouldn't be updated at all. In most cases, customers didn't even have a single source of truth containing accurate information. It was spread out randomly in spreadsheets and PowerPoint slides. Finding the data to begin with was yet another monumental task.

This really concerned us. We thought again, "There must be a solution to this." Unable to find one we were satisfied with, that was extremely easy for customers to implement, and was capable of breaking bad habbits that led these companies into this state to begin with, we had an idea.

First, we made a database. But not the kind that IT uses. A different kind. One that could be used by the average person, that didn't require knowing any complex langauges. We made it web-based. We knew it had to be accessible, and this meant we could also serve information in real-time, with up-to-the-second accuracy. And we had to make it so it could connect with applications that could solve specific work problems and tasks, like making pitch decks and proposals automatically from data.

So that's what we did. And our customers love(d) it. Unbase is the continuance of that vision. Data is how we do it, but we do it for the people.